amelia | 17 | usa
99% hannibal

♥frederick chilton♥
♥mason verger♥


w a t c h i n g
☆ parks & recreation s2
☆ bob's burgers s3

r e a d i n g
☆ ceremony by leslie marmon silko

l i s t e n i n g
☆ raúl esparza
☆ hannibal season 2 soundtrack
☆ hedwig and the angry inch

w r i t i n g
willton & hannigram hooker au
n e t w o r k s

c u t i e s

queue runs every day

i track #chilten

what to blacklist

films watched in 2014

orphan black sideblog


it’s called fashion.


hannibal → will’s dogs

Hannibaladies meme > 1/5 colors > Yellow


vergermeme | [1/3] quotes
"Is it time to talk about what Margot wants?"
"What Margot wants is to take care of you, Mason, dear. Just as you took care of me."

happiness is raul esparza’s bulge in high definition and mason verger’s voice in surround sound


→ HeAteUs Meme | 5 Episodes [3/5]

And he used to be god’s favorite

— Where does Winston go?